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  •  Rock Quarry Elementary School, located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, serves approximately 600 students in grades Kindergarten-5th grade. Our faculty is very stable and we offer children outstanding instruction through the use of Research Based programs in reading and math, and through AMSTI implementation. Children are taught in whole and small group settings and math instruction is hands-on. At Rock Quarry, we provide meaningful instruction that engages students in learning, all in a technology rich environment.


    We have a tremendous amount of parent participation at our school as demonstrated through an active PTA.  In addition to parental involvement, we have community partnerships through the Adopt-A-School program sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.  Our partners include the public accounting firm of Jamison, Money and Farmer, geo-environmental group, P.E. Lamoreaux & Associates, Inc. and North River Yacht Club.


     Our vision and mission is that all children can and will learn when they experience school through a welcoming, nurturing environment where instruction is delivered by highly qualified, dedicated faculty and staff members. We use research based reading and math programs to guide our instruction. Teachers are certified as AMSTI instructors and our teachers participate in ongoing ARI training and professional development.                               


    Mission Statement

    The mission of Rock Quarry Elementary School is to meet the individual needs of each student in a positive and nurturing environment.


  • Rock Quarry Elementary School
    2000 Rock Quarry Drive
    Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35406

Adopt-a-School Partners

  •   JMF