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  • Children in class It is Skyland’s goal to prepare each and every student for daily personal success as we facilitate the development of skills that are necessary for life, careers and beyond. To achieve our goal, we have dynamic employees, sound instructional practices and strong community relationships. Teachers and instructional support staff genuinely care about our students and consider them family. Each employee embraces his/her role in reaching our goals and values building relationships. Whether working in the office, cafeteria, classrooms or hallways, we are aware of the part we play in building a strong foundation for the future. Teachers prepare engaging, relevant lessons that challenge and motivate our students to be great. Along with involved and supportive parents and community partners, we are all committed to holding each other accountable for success. As we look forward to moving back to Skyland Boulevard to occupy our new school in January 2019, we will continue to nurture awesome relationships which make Skyland a great place to learn, work and grow.

    Empowered Educators
    Each teacher is a valuable member of our team that communicates and collaborates to meet students’ needs. Weekly meeting times allow for extended planning, data review, discussion of needs, alignment of intervention efforts, sharing, learning and professional development. Every adult invests in the success of our school by providing extra reading practice.

    Focus on Students
    Our students are at the center of our efforts; they are the common thread that unites us. While we focus on nurturing academic success in content areas, we place equal importance on creating a safe, risk-free learning environment. There are supports in place to meet social and emotional goals as well. Students strive to achieve personal leadership goals and are recognized for it.

    Culture of Reading
    Building a solid foundation in reading is critical to future school and career success. We encourage young readers to increase the volume of reading through exposure to myON, a digital library that can be accessed at home and at school. Students have access 
    to thousands of books, chosen by interest, which motivates them to read more. Expert reading instruction is also provided.

    Technology Integration
    Skyland teachers are pioneers in TCS in the area of implementing virtual reality technology. Virtual Reality kits allow students to travel the globe, experience various cultures with a 3-D view of exotic people and places, all through a technology device. We are fortunate to have an abundance of additional technology resources that allow coding, projects, AMSTI and Project Lead The Way.



  • Skyland Elementary School

    2605 Southview Dr.
    Tuscaloosa, AL 35405

    (205) 759-3638

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Key Facts

    • 365 Students, Grades Pre-K - 5th Grade

    • Caring, Dedicated & Effective Faculty & Staff

    • Awarded 21st Century After School Program Grant

    • Adopt-A-School Partner, Trustmark Bank