School Profile

  • student and teacher welding The Tuscaloosa Career & Technology Academy (TCTA) is a specialized facility that provides college and career readiness with a focus on the development of workplace skills for local high school students. TCTA students choose a career pathway based on interest and assessments. As they progress through a program by taking related courses, participating in career tech student organizations, earning industry-recognized credentials and certifications, and gaining real-world experience, students develop invaluable skills to guide them to their chosen career paths. Students also participate in a Simulated Workplace environment. This initiative introduces students to various business processes to better prepare them for the realities of the workplace. Integrating authentic business practices gives students access to the necessary skills sets, certifications and academics needed to be successful citizens.

  • Quality Educators

  • Real World Experience

  • Credentials & Certificates

  • Industry Standards


  • Tuscaloosa Career & Technology Academy 
    2800 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
    Tuscaloosa, AL 35401


Key Facts

  • 17 Industry-Certified Pathways

    22 Instructors with Extensive Industry Experience

    15 Industry Advisory Councils

    $23 Million Dollar Facility