Television Production and Animation in Action

Broadcast Television, Digital Media, Film & Animation

  • Welcome to the Television Broadcast, Digital Media, Animation & Film Academy! 

     This fast-paced, creative cluster merges the arts to connect with audiences through various digital media.


Career Opportunites

    • Television Reporter/Anchor (News or Sports)
    • Broadcast Videographer (Photographer)/Editor (News or Sports)
    • Character Animation
    • Crime Scene Modeler/Accident Investigator
    • Film Videographer/ Editor
    • Multimedia Artist and Animator
    • Television Production Manager
    • News or Talk Show Host/Producer/Technical Director
    • Scenery Rigger
    • Storyboard Artist
    • Video Game Designer


  • Income varies with area and degree earned

    High School Diploma 
    Two-Year Post Secondary  
    Four-Year Post Secondary
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