Computer Science

computer science
  • Welcome to the Computer Science Academy!

    TCTA students have the opportunity to build Vex Robots and fly Super Drones! Through this pathway, students are prepared for college-level Computer Science courses and potential careers at exciting companies such as Facebook, Google, or Amazon, each of which have recently established business in our state. Our school has just been accepted into the Amazon Future Computer Science Engineer Pathway Scholarship and Interships Program. Courses include Explore Computer Science, Information Technology Fundamentals, AP Computer Science (A) and Principles and proceed to Software Development and Java Programming at the senior level. 



Career Opportunities

  • Continue your education with Dual Enrollment Credit for an Associate Degree or Bachelor Degree toward an Information Technology Career Pathway in:

    • Cyber Security
    • Software Engineering
    • Software Development


  • Starting salary is $72,000 and up