Meet the Principal of Oak Hill School

  • Welcome to Oak Hill School, home of the Mustangs!

    Oak Hill is a uniquely designed school that houses 4 programs. Two of our programs were recently moved to Westlawn Middle School in an effort to make room for Central Elementary School that will be undergoing renovations beginning in the Fall. Our special needs program serves students with moderate to severe disabilities and will remain at the current Stillman Heights location. In this program, we have a team of 4 classroom teachers, along with an Adaptive Physical Education teacher that work to address the individual needs of our students.


    STARS Academy, our alternative program, functions as a centralized program available for all students in the Tuscaloosa City Schools. Upon committing class III violations of the Student Code of Conduct, students are placed in STARS Academy by a Disciplinary Review Committee. STARS serves students in both elementary and high school. While in the program, students receive a series of wrap-around services geared toward helping them improve behaviorally, socially, and academically. The elementary program will remain at the Stillman Heights location and the secondary program will be housed at Westlawn Middle School.


    Finally, Success Prep, which is also central to all secondary schools in Tuscaloosa City is a program designed to provide computer-enhanced learning to students who have failed prior grades or are at risk of not earning adequate credits for graduation. Our award-winning school focuses on high expectations for students, faculty, and staff. This program will also share the building at Westlawn Middle School.


    The faculty and staff of Oak Hill school are committed to taking a comprehensive approach to improve the performance of our students. We seek to maximize their potential and expose them to life-altering opportunities, while placing them in the best position possible to be successful. We believe that given the necessary skills, all students can be successful. We invite you to be a part of our endeavor to produce productive citizens and courageous leaders!


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