Meet the Principal of Verner Elementary School

  • There are many things in life that I count as blessings, being named the principal at Verner Elementary is one of my greatest blessings!  I am honored to have the opportunity to serve the students, families, and faculty and staff at Verner.  Having served at Verner as assistant principal I understand the rich history and culture that is associated with this special school.  Keeping Verner’s strong legacy is a priority of mine that I intend to see to grow in the future.

    A short-term goal that I have is to have a smooth start to our school year.  As an educator and parent, I know there is a fear of the unknown and I want to ensure that all students and families are comfortable and well equipped for our “new normal.”  As far as long-term goals, I would like to continue to push the needle of excellence at Verner.  The school has a strong foundation, and a priority for me will be to maintain this strong foundation while implementing various methods that will help accelerate students.

    As an educator there are many rewarding moments.  As I reflect over my educational career, I recognize that I have been blessed with opportunities to love many students, families, and teachers.  I am most looking forward to building relationships with each student and their families.  When students know that you love them and want to help them reach their potential, that is when I am the most gratified!  

    I am looking forward to meeting everyone and working with you all!  I know that we will be able to watch Verner continue to soar to great heights!  Can’t wait to see you at The V!

    Amy Elam, Principal
    Verner Elementary School