Go Jags!

  • Welcome to Northridge Middle School, Home of the Jaguars! We are proud of our student-athletes as they dedicate themselves to their teams and school.

    Participation in athletics provides students with the chance to grow in the areas of teamwork, leadership, dedication, self-discipline, and tenacity.  Because NMS offers a variety of sports, our students have opportunites to develop their athletic skills and talents.

    Our coaches, students, parents, and community play a key role in the success of Northridge Middle Athletics.  The NMS Booster Club provides continuous support and enthusiasm for all of our teams, players, and coaches, working tirelessly to strengthen our athletic program.   

     We have high expectations for the future of NMS Athletics, and hope that you will join us in cheering on our students.  

     Go Jags!




  • Hazelrig

    Jack Hazelrig

    Athletic Director