A place where every student has a home

  • Continuing with the 2018-2019 school year each student and faculty member will belong to one of eight houses- smaller communities within our school.  The house system was created with the following important goals in mind:

    • To create strong, supportive communities of students, faculty and staff within NMS
    • To support the academic, social, emotional and interpersonal growth of members
    • To offer opportunities for all students, faculty, and staff to participate in and contribute to their communities in ways that build relationships and pride


    Each year, students and faculty begin interacting via monthly whole-house meetings, weekly small-group "family" meetings, and other activities.  Meetings will include advisory-style lessons on citizenship and other important habits of mind, as well as plenty of team-building fun.  Additionally, there will be opportunities for students to earn house points by contributing to our school community.  Our end of the year celebration will include the awarding of the House Cup, and the winning house will get to see our school decked out in their house color.


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