Meet the Principal of Westlawn Middle School

  • Westlawn Middle School is located near the heart of Tuscaloosa. We have over 500 students who enjoy success in academics, athletics, elective courses and extracurricular activities. The programs at Westlawn Middle help them prepare for future success in life.  We have a proud tradition and are committed to carrying the torch into the future. Our students are creative, innovative and diverse. They set lofty goals for themselves and work hard to achieve their goals. The students are challenged every day with rigorous academic classes taught by outstanding teachers. Our program also includes electives such as art, music, technology and physical education.  


    In order to better help our students reach their potential we also offer extended learning programs at no cost to our students. We have an extended learning program after school during the school year. This program is offered four days a week and includes tutoring, as well as enrichment activities. Westlawn also has a specialized summer program for its students. This program allows students to work on academic skills while participating in many hands-on learning activities.


    The future is bright at Westlawn Middle School!


    Dr. Tiffany Davis

  • Tiffany Davis
     Dr. Tiffany Davis
    WMS Principal