Caring for the emotional, physical, mental, and academic needs of all

  • The Guidance and Counseling Program at Southview Elementary School is dedicated to being a vital part of the total educational process of all students. Students are the focus of the planning and implementation of the guidance program.


     The program strives to provide students the opportunity to enhance their learning through activities planned in the following three areas:


    •  Academic Development
    • Career Development
    • Personal/Social Development


    The Guidance program at Southview Elementary School is committed to the total development of the student. This total development is a cooperative effort between the home, school and community.



  • Counselor

    Latonya Ike


  • The administration, faculty, and staff at Southview Elementary School are dedicated to a “zero” tolerance for bullying behavior. This does not mean that is does not happen, but it does mean that we work hard to address these issues quickly and effectively as we can when we become aware of them. We have implemented a system wide anti bullying program entitled HALT. Harassment Awareness Learning Together.


    We encourage you to help in this endeavor to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for your child at school by reporting incidents of bullying behavior to us as well as talking to your child about bullying behavior. If we all work together we can stop it. We have to teach our kids that fighting is not the answer.