Teams and Coaches

  • Athletic Update (July 9, 2020)

    Summer Workouts:
    Although the AHSAA has allowed schools to begin Summer Workouts under strict guidelines, Eastwood Middle will not begin these sessions prior to August 1, 2020. 

    Dragon Fly:
    To be eligible to practice or participate in AHSAA activities, all students must be registered in Dragonfly. Registration can be done only at and all necessary documentation will be uploaded at this site as well. This system is much different than what we are use to but it will make eligibility easier for all parties involved.
    Rapid Fire Questions:
    1. Should both parents register an account? No, only one parent per household should open an account.

    2. Can my child practice prior to eligibility being granted? No, eligibility must be granted prior to participation. Students are prohibited from trying out until eligibility has been granted.

    3. How will I know when my child has been granted eligibility? Once all documentation has been uploaded, approval will be granted by the Athletic Director and Principal. Improper or unapproved paperwork will be denoted by the students name being in red. Once it is approved, the child's name will be changed to black. Parents are responsible for uploading all information, the school will not upload any.

    4. What documents are prohibited? Hospital records of birth (must be valid, state issued birth certificate).

    5. What physical form should I use? The physical form, revised 2018, is the one that should be used. This form must be signed by a licensed physician. A copy is available upon request.


    • Baseball (schedule)
      • Head Coach
      • , Assistant Coach 
    • Basketball (schedule)
      • , Head Boys Coach (7th)
      • Rickey Giddeon, Head Boys Coach (8th)
      • Denson Ferrell, Head Girls Coach 
    • Cheerleaders 
    • Cross-Country (schedule)
      • Randi Mansell 
    • Football (schedule)
      • Head Coach
      • Ricky Giddeon, Assistant Coach
      • Denson Ferrell, Assistant Coach
      • Sam Hensley, Assistant Coach 
      • William King, Assistant Coach
    • Soccer (schedule)
      • Boys Head Coach
      • Girls Head Coach 
    • Softball (schedule)
      • Nakesha Wesley
    • Tennis (schedule)
    • Track and Field (schedule)
    • Volleyball (schedule)
      • Stephanie Smiley


  • Mackhary Williams
    Athletic Director