What does it mean to be an Ambassador?

  • The purpose of an SVE Ambassador is to demonstrate responsibility, respect, and outstanding leadership skills. An SVE Ambassador will be given their duty and responsibility prior to an event so that they will be able to dress accordingly for the occasion.



    1.      Responsible for greeting visitors at the door to the entrance of programs and special ceremonies.

    2.      Responsible for handing out fliers/programs for important events and ceremonies.

    3.      Responsible for being a tour guide for visitors to the school on the days of important events.

    4.      Responsible for assisting smaller kids and or peers to class during morning drop-off.


    • Must be in 4th or 5th grade
    • Must have less than 2 office referrals
    • Must be familiar with all locations in the school
    • Must have less than 3 unexcused absents in a semester
    • Must have less than 4 tardies in a semester
    • Must have a classroom behavior and academic support letter from 2 classroom teachers
    • Must have a positive attitude
    • Must be helpful and willing to help