Enhancing Educational Opportunities for Each Child in Tuscaloosa City Schools

  • The Tuscaloosa City Schools Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization organized to secure monetary and in-kind resources and administer those funds in grants to encourage, support, and improve education opportunities; to stimulate excellence and to encourage creative teaching and community participation. 

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    How can you help our local classrooms?  the Tuscaloosa City Schools Education Foundation, Inc. offers the following services:


    Make an Annual Campaign Contribution

    Your donation will be used where it is needed most to support Tuscaloosa City Schools Education Foundation initiatives.


    Fund a Classroom Grant

    Any size gift can help fund a classroom grant.  These grants help  teachers provide students with unique learning experiences not available   through the limited school budget.  You may send us your donation and we can match it with a student project.


    Provide In-Kind Services

    Help us put even more of our revenues into classrooms by providing  meeting space, catering, marketing, entertainment, or other in-kind  services.  Gift certificates or retail goods are also valuable in-kind  donations that can be used as incentives for students and teachers or  as items in a fund raising auction.


    Make an Endowed Gift

    Help us build a permanent fund to support our work.  Funds from our endowment are invested, generate ongoing revenue, and help ensure the  long-term financial stability of the Tuscaloosa City Schools Education  Foundation.  Our endowment also includes opportunities to name a program   in your honor, or in memory of a loved one.


    Use our Resources to Accomplish Your Fund Raising Goals

    The Tuscaloosa City Schools Education Foundation has the resources to  help make your Tuscaloosa City Schools fund raising cause much easier.


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