• Ms. Collins

    Oak Hill School is celebrating National Principals Month during the month of October.


    The TCS Strategic Plan calls for dynamic school leaders to create a learning culture where all students are successful. During this National Principals Month, we salute our assistant principal Ms. LaTanya Williams-Collins who works tirelessly with teachers to support positive outcomes for all students. 


    "Ms. Collins is so awesome! She is always inspiring all those around her and you'll never find her without a positive, uplifting outlook. Every single day, she lifts our spirits with her words and beautiful smile. One of my favorite quotes from her is 'There is no room for negativity here or anywhere'. Ms. Collins is super supportive of our teachers, our daily routines and the work we do in the classrooms with our awesome students! We love Ms. Collins!!!"

    Catherine Beville - Teacher


    "Ms. Collins is the best asst. principal ever! She is so loving, lovable, caring, sweet and very supportive. She is always helping us stay focused on the task ahead while keeping us on track to achieve our goals. Her powerful words always inspire us to do and be the best we can! Ms. Collins is like a mom to me and a great female leader!"

    Keanthony Winston - Success Prep student


    Join TCS as we honor the hard work and dedication of our principals all month long. Visit Let's Talk! to send a special message to your child's principal.