It's a Great Day to be at the Forrest!

  • Woodland Forrest Elementary is a place where students quickly learn that “#Discovery Starts Here!” Located on 15 acres of land, we currently serve 532 students, pre-K through 5th grade. We are a Leader in Me school, and we believe all students can be leaders and take responsibility for both themselves and their impact on the environment.

    We are STEM-focused, emphasizing a well-rounded academic approach to Science, Technology, English, and Math for all students through cross-curriculum integration, community partnerships, and events for family involvement. 

    As a Discovering Alabama model school, Woodland Forrest takes great interest in ensuring that all students are discovering that science is exciting and the environment is worth saving. It has opened many doors for programs and partnerships within the community to give our students a learning experience that is unique to Woodland Forrest Elementary School.

    "It is a place where students develop leadership traits through experiences outside the walls of classrooms through partnerships with businesses, universities and essential community stakeholders.”

Awards & Accomplishments

    • Featured in a documentary by "Discovering Alabama" TV series
    • Certified outdoor classroom (
    • AMSTI School/ Leader In Me School
    • Interactive Math Nature Trail featured in "Capstone Educator"