School Safety

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    The Tuscaloosa City Schools, in partnership with the City of Tuscaloosa and the Police Department, is committed to student safety. In fact, this commitment led to bringing School Resource Officers (SROs) to all schools K-12. The Tuscaloosa City School has established three ways in which students can share concerns about school safety and the well-being of fellow students.


  • Submit a Comment/Question                   Report A Threat. Please call 911 if in immediate danger

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is my child safe on campus? 

  • What is heightened alert?

  • What is a secure perimeter? 

  • What is a lockdown?

  • What is ALICE?

  • What is Gaggle?

  • How often are safety drills completed? 

  • Why do we need to show ID when visiting schools?

  • Metal Detector Search Procedures

  • What are learning supports?