• Project Based Learning or PBL is a student-centered learning style in which students learn about a subject through  problem solving. Students learn how to think through and solve problems.

    Our students will use Project Based Learning to gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to a question, problem, or challenge. 

    • The projects will be focused on teaching knowledge and skills from thier academic classes.
    • Students will look for solutions to problems in our school, community, city and beyond using critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity.
    • Students will ask questions, use resources and develop answers.
    • The projects are focused on an open ended question that students understand and find interesting.
    • The students will make some choices on how they will work, how the products are created and how they use thier time while being guided by the teacher.
    • Students will then grade themselves and get feedback from their peers and teachers and make changes or ask more questions.
    • The final result is a presentation to our community and stakeholders. 

    We look forward to sharing our projects and findings with you this year!