Dual Enrollment

What is Dual Enrollment?

  • Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit (DE/DC): Eligible students may enroll in postsecondary institutions in order to dually earn credits for a high school diploma and/or a postsecondary degree. In the high school academic guide there is a chart that designates what AP/IB/Dual Enrollment courses are counted as dual credit. Dual credit is when a student receives high school credit for college work, without completion of the high school course.

    The following options may be offered in dual enrollment:

    1. Students may earn college credit (dual enrollment) or
    2. Students may earn both high school and college credits for the same course (dual enrollment/dual credit). Dual enrollment/dual credit (DE/DC) allows eligible high school students to enroll in college courses and receive both high school and college credit. Students will receive 1 Carnegie Unit for the successful completion of a term college course. For example, a senior may take English 101 and 102 to receive 6 hours of college credit and concurrently receive 2 high school Carnegie Unit for English. NOTE: All dual enrollment courses are not eligible for additional credit. Contact your high school counselor for more information. DE/DC courses are taught at the college level and graded at the college level. Students participating in DE/DC courses are required to follow college procedures and complete required college forms and applications and follow the Tuscaloosa City Schools' policies and Student Handbook. High school guidance counselors have dual enrollment application forms and can assist with the enrollment process or answer any questions you may have. 

    For additional questions about DE/DC, contact the Deputy Superintendent of Teaching and Learning at 759-3510.

    A course passed as dual enrollment/dual credit counts as college credit and high school credit. Three college credit hours equal one credit at the high school level in the same or a related subject. Students are permitted to enroll in any DE/DC course that has a viable ALSDE “valid course” number. Some courses may not be applicable if it conflicts with Tuscaloosa City Schools’ early graduation policy. Weighted credit is awarded for dual enrollment courses.