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Tuscaloosa City Schools strives to be a premier, innovative school system, with 21 schools serving students in grades Pre-K through 12, from our core academic offerings to specialty programs to career technical education, there is something for all to prepare students for college or career.  Our commitment to this is demonstrated through the passage of a bold, five-year strategic plan to designed address curriculum, human resources and facilities. 

By engaging our community on behalf of students, we are dedicated to Always Teaching. Always Learning.

Learn more about the TCS specialty programs, view requirements and application deadlines.

About Our Programs

Tuscaloosa City Schools offers a wide array of educational opportunities for your student: from an expansive Pre-K program offered in all areas of town, to specialized curricular opportunities for learners to a host of Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate offerings at the high school level. Our 21 sites serve students in Pre-K through 12th grade, where students have the opportunity to get hands-on learning at all grade levels. However, at the high school level, students can take courses from our $28 million state-of-the-art career technical facility. 

Our work has been highlighted by award-winning programs:

  • Rock Quarry Elementary School, a 2018 Blue Ribbon School recipient
  • Tuscaloosa Magnet Schools-Middle, a 2016 Blue Ribbon School recipient
  • Tuscaloosa Magnet Schools-Elementary, a 2015 Blue Ribbon School recipient
  • Oak Hill's Success Prep, a 2015 MAGNA Award winner
  • HALT: Anti-Bullying program, a 2015 MAGNA Award winner
  • HELP: Early Intervention program, a 2011 MAGNA Award winner

We are committed to ensuring that all of our schools have high-quality teachers in each classroom and administrators to lead those teachers as we educate your child.  That's why in 2015, the board of education approved a widespread, long-range plan for the future that focuses on three areas: curriculum and instruction, human resources and construction.

We're changing the way we teach, but also the spaces in which we teach. The system is charting a new path forward by helping nearly a quarter of our teachers pursue National Board certification, in addition to the extensive professional development opportunities we offer monthly. That's why it's critical we recruit, reward and retain the best and brightest teachers for your child's classroom.

Additionally, this plan will bring new and updated school facilities online and upgrades to learning spaces over the next five years.

Tuscaloosa City Schools was reaccredited by AdvancED in 2019.

Enrollment Information

The following documents are requested when enrolling a student in the Tuscaloosa City Schools: 

  • Proof of birth/birth certificate
  • Students must be 5 years on or before September 1 to enter kindergarten. 
  • The current or most recent report card, if applicable
  • Social Security Card
  • Proofs of residence: Copy of lease or mortgage in parent's name; Copy of 2 current utility bills in the parent's name
  • State of Alabama Current Immunization Form (Blue Card)

All documents must show the address of the physical residence and name of the parent or custodian. P.O. boxes are not acceptable.

To make the process smoother when you arrive at a school location to enroll your child, print the Enrollment Packet below and bring the completed packet with you, along with the items above, to the school secretary. 

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Feeder Patterns

Central High School Zone

High School

Central High
Middle School Westlawn Middle
Elementary Schools Central Elementary, Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary,
Oakdale Elementary, University Place Elementary


Paul W. Bryant High School Zone
High School Paul W. Bryant High
Middle School Eastwood Middle
Elementary Schools Arcadia Elementary,
Skyland Elementary, Southview Elementary, Woodland Forrest Elementary


Northridge High School Zone
High School Northridge High
Middle School Northridge Middle
Elementary Schools The Alberta School of Performing Arts,
Verner Elementary, Rock Quarry Elementary

Special Education

The Tuscaloosa City Schools’ Department of Special Education Support Services promotes opportunities for students to participate in educational and extracurricular activities designed to facilitate maximum student achievement. A full range of services, meeting the needs of all identified students' grade Prek-12, special education and gifted, is offered in all schools in the Tuscaloosa City School System.            

Special Education Services includes qualified Special Education Teachers and Paraprofessionals, Speech/Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Orientation & Mobility Specialist, Board Certified Behavior Analysts, School Psychologists and other related service providers.  Together we plan and provide educational programs for students with disabilities in partnership with general education staff, administrators and parents. 

We nurture individuals, who value themselves and others and provide an educational foundation that enables students to have the ability to think, communicate, create and apply their unique learning experiences throughout their lifetime. 

We believe that parents are a valuable and essential part of the educational process and that their aspirations for and insights about their child’s program are an integral component as we plan together for their child’s educational success. 

Visiting Our Schools

Making selections about your child's education can't always be done online. Sometimes, you just need to speak with someone in person. Schedule an appointment to meet with the leadership of a prospective school or drop by to shake their hand and say hi. We value parental involvement; however, safety is our top priority that's why we use a visitor management screening process.

The visitor management system will require all visitors to TCS facilities to present government-issued identification, including a U.S. driver's license or U.S. Passport, before entering the building beyond the main office. 

Your ID will be run through the visitor management system, which conducts a quick background check against a national sex offender database. Once processed, visitors and guests are provided temporary identification badges.

This process takes approximately 30 seconds on your initial visit and then recognizes you on returning visits.

See how this process works below.