Recovery & Reopening

  • This academic school year (2020-2021), Tuscaloosa City Schools will be offering families choices for the way their students receive instructional learning:

    1. Traditional Classroom OR
    2. Virtual From Home

    This is an effort, amid the pandemic, to continue to provide TCS students high-quality learning in a safe environment through social distancing by minimizing the number of students at a given time in classrooms, lunchrooms, hallways and buses.  

    Read an overview of the Tuscaloosa City Schools virtual program.

    Regardless of which learning option you choose, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities as well as Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, dual enrollment (high school) and access to ELEVATE are included.

    We realize your family’s preference and situation may be different than in school years past, so we want you to have options that allow your student to learn, grow and prepare for college or career.

    The following opportunities are available to current TCS students in grades Pre K-12 as well as students zoned for TCS schools but who currently attend private or parochial schools or who are homeschooled. Information on this site is subject to change based on the latest local, state, and federal guidelines.

    Vea la información en español.


Options So Your Student Can Learn, Grow, and Prepare

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