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TCS Priorities for the Future

Through a series of input sessions in September 2023, parents and guardians, educators, staff, and community members provided their input and helped set key priorities for the Tuscaloosa City Schools. In developing these priorities, community members considered two areas of funding:

  1. Continuation: What will it take financially to continue to fund these priorities identified as important by the community? 

  2. Enhancement: What will it take, in terms of cost, to expand or enhance the priorities identified as important by the community?

Read full report from input sessions

The Tuscaloosa City Schools took the community's input, studied the school system's expenses over the last 20 years, and also inflation and rising costs. In October, the Tuscaloosa City School Board unanimously voted to offer a tax referendum in 2024 to allow voters to decide whether to increase property taxes to support TCS.

If approved, the increased funding will protect the current programs and services provided by the Tuscaloosa City Schools, including rigorous academics, art and music instruction, pre-K, summer learning, and workforce development classes at TCTA.

If approved, the following are areas that would also be added or enhanced if the referendum passes. The dedicated annual funding shows what it would take to both maintain current services/programs and also enhance them. Click the + sign to expand for more details. 


Educator Effectiveness Icon


$7.5 million per year


Premier programs and services icon


$6 million per year 


Safety and security icon


$3.75 million per year