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Fall For a Good Book!

Hey Students!  Please look around and find those library books you had in the Spring and return them to one of the library carts at school. (outside the library and in the front lobby area) All fines will be forgiven due to COVID!  We just really want the books back, please. We are currently missing about 350 books.  Thanks for your help!

Hey Everyone!  Remember even though the library is currently closed for book checkouts you can still get a book to read. There are 3 ways!

  1. Go on to Destiny Discover in your Classlink. Type in a book title or search by keyword or search. Find the book you want and click on the HOLD button. I will download holds twice a week and deliver them to you during Zero or 1st period within 48 hours.

  2. Go to Destiny Discover and check out an ebook or audiobook. You can do this anytime! The ebook or audiobook will download to your device.

  3. In Classlink you will also have an icon for SORA!  In SORA you may check out ebooks and audiobooks also. It includes books from every library in the TCS system plus books from the Tuscaloosa Public Library. The great thing about SORA is that you can download the app to your phone and then your book choices are very portable. 


Check It Out and Keep Reading!!!