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Boys' Basketball Tryout Results



The following athletes have made 1 of our 3 Basketball teams here at Northridge. If your name is on the list, plan on meeting us here Sunday at 1:00. 

We want to thank everyone for coming to tryouts! Keep working hard and try out again next year.


TJ Banks

Kameron Ivy

Scott Bardenwerper

BJ Mason

Aaron Bell

Luke Mason

Fletcher Boatright

Brady McAbee

JB Brown

Kyle Nunnally

Omarian Chavers

Miles Phifer

Jayden Cleveland

Kevin Rice

Jeffery Coleman

Jack Sanderson

Patten Curington

Kaleb Showell

Lucaya Degraffenried

Caleb Terrell

Luke Elrod

Bodie Vail

Speed Finison

John Walker

Jalen Green

Alex Warren

Jacob Hall

Devin White

PJ Hall

Anderson Wilkin

Ryan Halperin

Jonas Wilkin

Taylor Halperin

Ben Willoughby

Wilson Heslop