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Our Apple Award Winners

Four employees from Paul W. Bryant High School were recognized at the Tuscaloosa City Schools' 7th annual Apple Awards in December.  Candace Young, Natalie Roig-McKnight, Kimberly Shipman, and Palandria Hunt were among 83 educators system wide in an event designed to celebrate excellence in education. 

Bryant High School employees selected the individuals to represent the school at the system level of competition. Each nominee was awarded a medallion and join those who have come before them to carry the symbol of excellence from the Tuscaloosa City Schools. It is the highest honor bestowed on an employee by TCS.

Shipman was selected as the TCS Support Employee of the Year; Candace Young was named the school's Jacksonville State University Teacher Hall of Fame nominee;  Hunt received the Technology Innovation Award and Roig-McKnight  was honored in the Alabama Teacher of the Year recognition program.

Full List of 2018 Apple Award Recipients