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International Day

Rock Quarry Elementary’s International Showcase is an all Canada day event set aside for learning about and understanding different cultures.  This celebration, held recently, provided an educational and fun way to discover the unique cultures which make up our Rock Quarry family. Did you know that the RQES family is comprised of over 22 different countries and cultures?

In Epcot style, the students traveled 6 continents inside the RQES multi-purpose room as volunteers taught students about their respective country or culture, through lessons, crafts, costume and music.  Every student received a passport on a lanyard. As they traveled to each country, they received a sticker with that country’s flag for their passport.

Field Day Students also participated in an International Field Day which was new to International Day this year. The University of Alabama’s Kinesiology Department provided 13 games from different countries. Children had the opportunity to learn about the games, then play the games! One game Skyros, from Greece, involved 2 teams, and 2 goal lines.  Sound familiar? It would be except that the only way to move the ball is by passing, and the ball cannot touch the ground! One third grader commented, “When can we play this again?”

Volunteers included Rock Quarry parents, UA’s Kinesiology Volunteers Dept., members of the University of Alabama’s International Student Organizations and other student groups, all coordinated by Rock Quarry’s Enrichment teacher, Ms. Junell Christian.  Ms. Christian said, “ Thanks to all of the volunteers and our own amazing RQES faculty and staff, this collaborative community effort allows RQES students to "travel the world" and learn about the beautiful fabric that makes the Rock Quarry community an amazing place to grow and learn."

Overall, International Day was a great success.  Our students are privileged to attend a school with such diversity in cultures. At Rock Quarry Elementary we believe that this effort to understand different cultures helps us become more understanding of our individual differences.

To view photos from International Day, please click here.

Amelia Pilsch