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J.T. Harrison Construction Co. Adopts RQE

J.T.Harrison Construction Co. J.T. Harrison Construction Co., Inc., began operations in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in April 1996. They are experienced in both General Contracting and Construction Management.

Over the past year, Harrison has managed the renovations at Rock Quarry Elementary School. During that time, they developed many friendships with staff members and positive relationships with our students.Garrin   They were after all, living in our house, but they were also modeling construction skills, communication skills, flexibility, discipline, optimism, and a servant leadership to our students.

Needless to say, Harrison made a lasting impression on Rock Quarry Elementary School.  So, we were all excited to learn that Harrison made the decision to maintain this relationship through the Adopt-A-school program sponsored by the West Alabama Quynh Chamber of Commerce. This program was created to promote working partnerships between the business and industrial communities and the Tuscaloosa City and County School System that has evolved into a tradition in our district. Harrison has already made a huge impact on our school community.

Principal, Laura Jockisch said, "We are thrilled to welcome Harrison Construction!  We look forward to our future work together building learners and leaders at the Rock!"

Eden Lindsey, Harrison, and Carolyn Tubbs, Chamber of Commerce, recently met with Mrs. Jockisch and Adopt-a-School chairman, Miranda Little to make it official.  Mrs. Little, also RQE school counselor, said "We are beyond excited to have Harrison Construction join us an an Adopt-a-School partner...the possibilities for this partnership are endless.  We already have big plans for the 2019-20 school year!Adopt-a-School

Harrison joins long term adopter P.E. Lamoreaux & Associates, Inc.(since 1997) and North River Yacht Club.

Welcome to the Rock Quarry family, Harrison!

Amelia Pilsch