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Rock Quarry Elementary Ambassadors


Rock Quarry Elementary provides many opportunities for student leadership throughout Ambassadors the school year.  

One group of students who represent our school includes the RQE Ambassadors. Our ambassadors serve as greeters and tour guides for school events.  3rd and 4th Graders, interested in becoming ambassadors as 4th and 5th graders, apply in the spring. Students submit an application and interview with various members of the community to earn a position on the team.

Soft Skills Students who become ambassadors receive training in various soft skills such as making eye contact, shaking hands, polite greetings and conversation.

Through the ambassador program students learn to solve problems creatively, work in a team and work collaboratively with others.

Rock Quarry teachers who train and supervise our ambassadors include Mrs. McWilliams, Mrs. Powell, Ms. Holmes, Ms. Graham, Mrs. Christian and Mrs. McMillan.