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The Tuscaloosa City School System is providing myON, a digital library FREE to our students.  They may access at school and at home.

With access to myON, our students have more than 7,000 digital books in their hands every day and at any moment. myON is a digital library complete with all of the titles from Capstone Publishing. Students and parents can access myON in school, at home or anywhere across the community with WiFi on any web-based device.

We will use devices here at school but students may also opt to bring their own devices with parent permission. There is a free myON app available for download in the iTunes store for tablets.

Research shows that when students have the opportunity to choose books at their level and within their interests, they will be more engaged in reading. Families should read together whenever they have the opportunity.

Enjoying myOn The digital books on myON’s platform have optional scaffolds, including audio, text highlighting and an embedded dictionary, to support students at every level. myON has books from every genre to engage even the most reluctant readers: fiction, biographies, scientific texts, graphic novels and more. All of the books create a rich learning experience for students.


To read on myON:

  1. Go to (it is best to use Chrome or Safari browsers)
  2. School Name: Rock Quarry Elementary School
  3. Username: 10 digit student id number
  4. Password: Lastname (student’s last name with first letter capitalized)


Amelia Pilsch