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September is National Literacy Awareness Month

Rock Quarry Elementary recognizes National Literacy Month during September. Literacy is the abilityMrs. Green
to engage with language to acquire and communicate meaning in all aspects of daily living.

Tuscaloosa City Schools is focusing on literacy as part of the curriculum component of the TCS Strategic Plan. TCS is committed to ensuring every child knows how to read before entering the third grade. At Rock Quarry, we have embarked on our very own PCN Journey to improve literacy and learning, give children a better chance of graduating in greater numbers and to develop students who are active learners, proficient readers, and fluent writers.

"The goal is not merely to teach children to become fluent readers but to also inspire them to develop a love for reading which will positively impact them throughout their entire lives”, said RQES Instructional Coach, Lana Woods.

Throughout the year our students enjoy fun reading activities that support literacy and develop a love of reading. Two book fairs per year, book talk cafes, reading events such as Read Across America and TCSReads Day, Libby Listens, sustained silent reading and teacher read alouds are just a few of the ways that “reading fun” compliment reading instruction to promote literacy.

Library RQE children have open access to a library that is rich in materials appealing to many interests and abilities. We believe the amount of independent reading students do significantly influences their level of reading performance. 

Writing has become an important part of our day at RQE. We write to respond to text, we write to discuss ideas such as theme or character development, we write to extend or retell stories. We are careful to always relate what we write back to the text through evidence and commentary.  We write literary essays to compare texts or discuss an important idea in a particular story.  We also write to communicate through opinion pieces or expository text.. We write opinion pieces.  We write to describe and tell stories.  We write to entertain and explain our thinking or tell how to do something.  We share what we read and write with our peers to support literacy.

Leanna McWilliams, 5th grade teacher stated, "We integrate writing throughout the curriculum to provide students with many varied writing experiences."

For students in elementary school, literacy is a key to lifelong learning and opportunities for success. At Rock Quarry Elementary, our students are reading and writing to learn. 

International Literacy Day is Sept. 8, 2017

Amelia Pilsch