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TCS Launches Clever


Clever for Families


In an effort to facilitate access to digital tools used by students and teachers, TCS will start using a service called Clever. Clever is an online portal with a collection of links.


Just the Facts:

  • Big Picture: Rather than using multiple paths to access online resources, students will simply go to Clever, log in, and click the link they need.
  • TCS Clever URL:
  • Credentials: Students will log into Clever with their network username and password
  • Devices:
    • On Windows computers and Chromebooks, go to the URL
    • For iPads there is a Clever app.
    • On Samsung tablets, open Chrome and go to the URL.
  • The App Collection: We will start with a small number of apps in each of four categories: Quick Start, Log in Once, Log in Every Time, and Links  
    • Quick Start apps should go straight to the app rather than completing a second login. We will start with MyON.
    • Log in Once apps should store the student’s username and password the first time they log in such that they should not need to log in again during subsequent uses of the same device. We will start with Renaissance Learning, Overdrive, and Pearson. This only works on the Chrome browser with the Clever extension, which can be accessed here. You always have the option of going directly to those web pages to log in.
    • Log in Every Time apps require users to log in with the appropriate username and password every time.

Links are links to commonly used apps that do not require login.


Clever powers learning technology in 60,000 schools across the country. We keep learning applications synced in real-time and give students and teachers an easy-to-use, personalized, one-login experience.