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Hats off to our principal, Laura Jockisch!


Rock Quarry Elementary is celebrating National Principals Month during the month of October. RQE Principal
Although the classroom teacher is the most visible person in your child's life at school, it is the principal who is responsible for providing a high-quality education for all students there. The TCS Strategic Plan calls for dynamic school leaders to create a learning culture where all students are successful.
During this National Principals Month, we salute principal, Laura Jockisch, who works tirelessly with teachers to support positive outcomes for all students. 
"I think Mrs. Jockisch has created a lot of pride at Rock Quarry Elementary by building a strong school community," said 5th grade teacher Stephanie Suttles.   For a school to be successful, everyone must work together as a team.  Principals must work with the staff to make school a welcoming place for students and their families.
4th grader, Preston Barnes, said, "Mrs. Jockisch is so nice and never gets mad.  She also gives good speeches!" 
Principals at successful schools understand the strengths and needs of their students and they know what is happening in the classrooms at their schools. Great principals play an active role in planning and supporting instruction that is appropriate for their students, and they ensure that school time and resources are focused on student achievement.
3rd grade teacher, Kelley McMillan said, "Mrs. Jockisch takes the time to ensure all students are given every opportunity to reach their greatest potential."
Thank you, Mrs. Jockisch!
Join TCS as we honor the hard work and dedication of our principals all month long. Visit Let's Talk! to send a special message to your child's principal.