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PTA: Fourth Grade "Git Up" Challenge


PTA Membership

In order to help make our year successful, we are asking for 100% membership. The cost is $6 for teachers and parents. To become a member please contact Rosemary Cunnigham and Natalie Chestnut for more information.

Southview Elementary- 205 345-1325


PTA Spotlight

Each month during our PTA meetings a grade level is showcased and spotlighted. For the month of September, fourth grade performed and challenged everyone to the "Git Up" challenge. These students collaborated with each other every day for two weeks. During this time they learned the importance of teamwork, collaboration, planning, and work ethic. They put on a wonderful performance for their peers, teachers, and parents. 

"Git Up" Challenge   SVE challenges you  Fourth grade 


Fourth-grade "Git Up" Challenge