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National Literacy Month

University Place Elementary School is celebrating National Literacy Month during the month of September. 

Tuscaloosa City Schools is focusing on literacy as part of the curriculum component of the TCS Strategic Plan. TCS is committed to ensuring every child knows how to read before entering the third grade. 

During this month, all students in grades 2-5 are being given time during their weekly library visits to be reintroduced to the TCS digital libraries, MyON and Overdrive. They will be given their own login cards to take home and use when away from school.

Also during this month, University Place is kicking off a new reading initiative called Reading Rumble. Each nine weeks, all students and faculty are encouraged to read the same three chosen books. For September, the chosen books are Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear, A Chair for My Mother, and I Was So Mad. At the end of the nine weeks, every student and staff member will vote on his or her favorite of the three. By the end of the year, everyone will have read the same twelve books and we will have a final vote-off on the top four books voted on.

UPES will extend the literacy love by hosting a book fair the month after, from October 16 to October 20. Students are encouraged to bring cash if they would like to purchase books.