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September Reading Challenge

Are you ready for a challenge? Are you ready to win some prizes? Are you ready to READ?? 

Your challenge is to read THREE books in the upcoming month. You will read a fiction book, a non-fiction book, and a graphic novel, which can be either fiction or non-fiction. You choose the books you read. You can use books you have at home, books from a library, or books from SORA or MyOn that you access using ClassLink. Choose books you enjoy and we're excited to hear about them.

If you want to have a chance to win a prize, you must submit some information. When you finish a book, you will complete a google form for the book. There is a form for a fiction book and for a non-fiction book. Your graphic novel choice can be either fiction or non-fiction, just choose the appropriate form depending on the book. The forms are linked below.

We are super excited about reading and we will have a new challenge each month this year! Stay safe and happy reading!!

Fiction Book Form

Non-Fiction Form