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March Book Challenge

Read books! Win prizes! Take the March reading challenge. 

For this challenge you will read two books from various categories listed below. When you finish reading your two books, you will complete the two parts of The March Reading Challenge Entry Form (one part for each book you read). Be sure to let us know which category your book fits into using the drop down menu on the question in the form. For every two books read, you may complete another form. Read two books, your name is entered once into the challenge, read four books your name is entered twice into the challenge, six books gets your name entered three times...

-A biography or true story
-A book written before you were born
-A book written in 2020 or 2021
-A book about vacation or travel
-A book about Spring Break
-A book about animals
-A book about an interesting career
-A book made into a movie
-A book about history
-A book with a number in the title
-A book that makes you laugh
-A book set in the future
-A book with a title beginning with the word "The"


Happy reading!