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Slam Dunk for Students!

Slam Dunk for Students

TCS is sponsoring a friendly competition between schools March 1-April 7 to help raise donations for Neighborhood Bridges and we need your help! This will benefit TCS students and help stock "The Lift" at New Heights with items frequently requested through Neighborhood Bridges. All donations will directly benefit TCS students.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn about kindness and helping their friends and neighbors! 

The “Slam Dunk for Students” campaign will run through April 7. Students may bring in new items for donation (ranging from $20 gift cards to a pack of socks or other new clothing) to their school, OR, if you would prefer to make a monetary donation on the Neighborhood Bridges website, be sure to list your child's school so that it gets credit for the donation. Also, be sure to subscribe to the Neighborhood Bridges website so that you know what the most up-to-date needs are of TCS students/schools at any given time. 

Companies are welcome to donate in honor of a school to count toward the competition.

The elementary, middle and high schools with the highest number of donations from this "Slam Dunk for Students" campaign will get a trophy during a celebration in April!  

Thanks to all of our incredible counselors and social workers who use Neighborhood Bridges to remove learning barriers for our students! Thank you for your support and let's Slam Dunk for Students! 

 Click here to donate online and/or subscribe: Neighborhood Bridges Tuscaloosa