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Four schools, TCS system, received “model” recognition

Four schools, TCS system, received “model” recognition

Four Tuscaloosa City Schools and the Tuscaloosa City School District have been selected as model programs by the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE). Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary, Eastwood Middle School, Tuscaloosa Magnet Schools Elementary, Tuscaloosa Magnet Schools Middle were named 2023 Model Schools, and the Tuscaloosa City School District has been named a Model District.

"These recognitions are continued affirmation of the progress that the Tuscaloosa City Schools is making in becoming a premier school district for our community and the students we serve," said Dr. James Pope, TCS deputy superintendent.  "We have incredible educators who are committed to high expectations for all students and who are working to make sure all students are successful. We still have work to do, but we are on the right path."

The four schools are part of a group of 30 Model Schools from across the United States that will share best practices at ICLE’s 31st Annual Model Schools Conference this summer. The school district will also present at the conference.

"We have worked extremely hard for the past three years to transform the school culture at Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary," said MLK Principal Dr. LaTanya Williams Collins. "Building healthy and positive relationships, providing social-emotional learning to all students, and providing continuous professional learning for teachers have helped us become a school that has a culture with high expectations and accountability for the entire school community that we serve. The recognition as a Model Elementary School has affirmed for us that we are moving in the right direction. We have seen proficient growth over the years that has had an impact on student learning and the culture."

Being selected as a model school is an honor, said TMS-E principal Preeti Nichani.

"We at TMS-E are so proud to be selected as a presenter at the 2023 Model Schools Conference," Nichani said. "We are looking forward to sharing our journey, energy, and passion with other K12 educators who are also inspiring greatness."

Tuscaloosa Magnet Middle School was recognized for having a culture of high expectations for all students, while also meeting their social, emotional, and academic needs through high-quality instruction, innovation, and wrap-around services.

“At Magnet Middle, our teachers and support staff are "ALL IN" which means that regardless of your role or discipline, we are all responsible for making sure the needs of all of our students are met,” said Constance Peewee Childs, principal of TMS-M. “Being named a Model School is an honor and we are excited to share those best practices and strategies with other educators around the country on a national level.”

Eric Hines, principal of Eastwood Middle School, said that Eastwood Middle receiving the designation was proof of the hard work that the school as a whole has put in to make a difference.

“We are delighted to have been named a 2023 Model School,” Hines said. “This designation is evidence of the work our faculty, staff, students and community at large have done to improve school culture. While this is quite celebratory, we will continue to work diligently to improve school culture and provide students with the best education possible.”