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Math Counts students and Administrators

The 2021 MATHCOUNTS West Alabama Regional Competition

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the MATHCOUNTS competition series was conducted virtually for the 2020-2021 season. Seven local schools participated in the two chapter competitions in 2021. The participating schools were Eastwood Middle School, Northridge Middle School, Pickens County High School, The Alberta School of Performing Arts, The Capitol School, Tuscaloosa Academy, and Tuscaloosa Magnet Schools - Middle.

We thank the strong support from the Division of Community Affairs and Center of Community-based Program (CCBP) at the University of Alabama. We thank Tuscaloosa City School Superintendent’s Office for full support, recruiting schools and promoting the competitions.

Student awards

Following the guidelines from MATHCOUNTS National, we present awards based on student performance in the second competition, the 2021 Chapter Invitation Competition (Feb 25, 2021).
  • David Wang, Northridge Middle School: First place
  • Alice Song, Northridge Middle School: Second place
  • Michael Constantine, Tuscaloosa Academy, third place
  • Eleanor Liang, Northridge Middle School, fourth place
  • Nathan Lee, Northridge Middle School, fifth place
  • Audrey Guo, Northridge Middle School, sixth place
  • Jeffrey Zhao, Tuscaloosa Magnet School - Middle, seventh place
  • Sophia Guo, Northridge Middle School, eighth place
  • Aidan Townsley, The Alberta School of Performing Arts, ninth place
  • Onda McKnight (Capitol School), Summer Perry (Pickens County High School), Michael K Rogers (Eastwood Middle School ), 10th place

Coach awards

We recognize the efforts of our math coaches to organize math teams and participate in the MATHCOUNTS competitions.
  • First place: Valerie Hinton and Kathryn Versace (Northridge Middle School)
  • Second place: Rene McNeal (Tuscaloosa Academy)
  • Third place: Stephanie Thomas and Allison Sanders (Tuscaloosa Magnet School - Middle)
  • Fourth place: Jon Hancock (Capitol School)
  • Fifth place: Wendy Robinson (Eastwood Middle School); Bailey Avina and Teyah Powell (The Alberta School of Performing Arts); Jacob Ramsey (Pickens County High School)

2021 MATHCOUNTS special award

We recognize the MATHCOUNTS coaches from the Alberta School of Performing Arts for their consistent efforts during the past three years.
  • Special awards: Bailey Avina and Teyah Powell (The Alberta School of Performing Arts)

Bailey Avina

Students advancing the state competition

Five students advanced to the state competition from the Tuscaloosa Chapter as listed below. Two of them earned competitive rankings in the state. Alice Song (Northridge Middle School) ranked 9th in the state. Eleanor Liang (Northridge Middle School) ranked 12th.
  • David Wang, Northridge Middle School
  • Alice Song, Northridge Middle School
  • Michael Constantine, Tuscaloosa Academy (not pictured)
  • Eleanor Liang, Northridge Middle School
  • Nathan Lee, Northridge Middle School

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Photos courtesy of the University of Alabama.