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Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week: Meet Elizabeth Costello

Elizabeth Costello Schools across America are celebrating Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week Sept. 5-9. We visited substitute teacher Elizabeth Costello at Rock Quarry Elementary to ask her to reflect on her experience as a substitute. 

Why is it important to honor substitute teachers?
"They say being a substitute teacher is the hardest job of all, because you're going into an unknown situation. But, I find it very rewarding." 

How do substitute teachers contribute to the success of students? 
"When teachers are out, it's important for students to continue with their regular routine. So, if a sub is there that knows the kids and knows the routine, I think it's very important. You can enhance learning too, because it's someone else they can show their work to, pat them on the back, and be proud of them." 

How rewarding is it?
"It's very rewarding. I find it very gratifying, because they are so appreciative of someone coming in and taking their place. Teachers don't want to be out. It's too hard to plan for a substitute to come take their place. But if they know they have someone good, they are very appreciative. And I get lots of thank yous."