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Rebound with Attendance!

Dear Parent/Guardian, September is School Attendance Month throughout the United States! Student attendance directly impacts student achievement and graduation from Preschool through Grade 12. We want all students to maintain Excellent attendance(95% or higher) by missing no more than one day for every 25 days of instruction, and having no more than 7 TOTAL absences in the school year. Each day of absence in the ninth grade is associated with a dramatically reduced risk of graduating. Please see the chart below for days of school missed and percent chances of graduating:

· 0-4 – days out – 87% chance of graduating

· 5-9 – days out – 63% chance of graduating

· 10-14 – days out – 41% chance of graduating

· 15-19 – days out – 21% chance of graduating

· 20-24 – days out – 9 %chance of graduating

· 25-29 – days out – 5% chance of graduating

· 30-34 – days out – 2% chance of graduating

· 35-40 – days out – 1% chance of graduating As a school community, we expect at least 80% of students to maintain 95% or higher attendance this school year. We encourage you to closely monitor your child’s attendance and work with us to raise awareness about the importance of attending school every day and on-time. In recognition of Student attendance Month, we are planning the following activities in September:

· On September 9th, we will celebrate the 20th day of instruction by recognizing students with no more than 1 absence so far this school year (Excellent Attendance).

· Highlight Attendance on Social Media (highest postitive attendance achieved) from each school. Note: Schools will have access to post those students. Shared district wide. Your participation and support throughout the school year will be critical to improving attendance at our school. For more information or to get involved, please contact your local school office. WE WANT ALL STUDENTS TO SUCCEED, BUT WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!! THANK YOU!