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4/10 Leaning into the Fear

We were and still are moving in the right direction! Despite the state-wide mandated closure, we are still working to ensure that each and every student obtains their education and tools they need to be successful. The Tuscaloosa City Schools System is beyond supportive of their students and teachers and it is an honor to work in a school district that is selfless and generous! We remain hopeful and vigilant during these new times because of our students’ EDUCATION MATTERS!

December 2, 2019, my heart literally almost beat out of my throat because I was selected to be our district’s Secondary Division Technology Innovator of the Year. That was one of the happiest moments of my career and I knew what I had to do with it -- help change the world with technology! Before winning this award and after winning this award, I always wanted to help make the world a better place, that is why I became a teacher. In the 21st century, technology is evolving rapidly; with that being said, equipping our students with skills to succeed in the realm of computer science and engineering through robotics is immensely important!

Open-mindedness and flexibility became skills that we had to practice throughout classes because some forms of technology and computer science were out of the comfort zone of many students. Delving into the world of coding literally had students dreading coming to my class because it was “too hard.” I always tell my students to leave their excuses behind, come to class ready to learn, and we can do anything TOGETHER! From August to our time in March, my students blossomed so much. They went from not enjoying coding, to teaching each other concepts, and teaching me how to do a lesson.

While our schools are closed due to the novel COVID-19 pandemic and emotions run ramped; I challenge you to not be afraid of the digital world. As we transition to digital learning, I challenge you to work together to accomplish goals, to complete tasks, and to learn how to navigate the digital world effectively and efficiently. Yes, technology can be scary at first; but, I guarantee you that this is a tool worth learning.

You are not alone in this and we are STRONGER TOGETHER! I would like to leave you with my favorite quote from Malcolm X to ponder upon “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

How are you going to prepare today to create a successful tomorrow?


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By Keiosha R. Quarles