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5/13 Perfecting the Craft

My first-person account experience has been rewarding. During these challenging times, character is built. I am forced to deal with new situations, which only allows me to gain new experience. If this situation were to occur again, I now have an idea of the process. Another rewarding aspect is knowing that I am not alone during this time. Everyone is experiencing the same thing and we are all growing at the same time. This has built stronger relationships with my colleagues. This hLabyron Wells as also built a stronger relationship with the community.

I have said before, Tuscaloosa City Schools has done a great job by providing the teachers and students with the necessary resources to succeed. Our leaders have shown great leadership by providing everyone the confidence to continue to progress through this situation. I must commend Tuscaloosa City Schools for the quick turnaround time. They have provided training to teachers that we can use for the rest of our careers. This process has introduced me to more technical ways to address content, which fits the needs of the students. Giving the ability to take lessons outside of the classrooms and into the real world. These types of skills will further allow the students to become college-ready and prepare for the next level.

I have been affected the most from not being able to interact with the students. Our students learn from us, but we also learn from the students. We build relationships by investing knowledge into the minds of our students. Students teach us multiple ways to invest such knowledge by differing in learning styles. Once we transition back to the classroom setting, I can now implement this new way of teaching and still create those learning relationships. I am excited for what is to come. As we progress through this situation, there will be new challenges and more experience gained. I am learning something new every day and this has given me the opportunity to perfect my craft. Which ultimately allows me to help students grow and progress to their next stage in their life.

By Labyron Wells