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5/13 Celebrating Us

Let’s be real, distance learning is hard. It stinks, and it’s okay to admit that. Here we are, six weeks in, and many of us feel like we are simply surviving right now. I miss the sound of my students chatting and laughing as they eat breakfast. I miss seeing those ‘aha’ moments at my small group table. I even miss hearing my name being called 3,762 times a day- crazy right? I’m sure y’all miss those things, and others, about the old days when teaching was in a classroom, not on a Google Meets video conference or in a Screencastify video. But yet, we are all still showing up for our students. We are still doing our best to provide engaging activities to fuel their thinking. We are thinking outside of the box and coming up with different ways of holding students accountable, providing feedback, and fostering those authentic relationships with students.

Two weeks ago, TCS Twitter hosted a tweet series called Learning at Home: The TCS Way and let me tell y’all, it was inspiring! In this blog post, I want to celebrate some of the things that TCS teachers are doing to rock their digital classrooms. We are doing amazing things for our students and I am so lucky to work with the best of the best!

Click below for the author's musical selection about her experience as a TCS teacher during Learning At Home: The TCS Way!

I would like to call this Theatre Teacher Tuesday. @BryantStampede #beamazing #checkyourcanvas #tcsathome

— Ms.Sizemore (@SizemoreTheatre) April 28, 2020

By Maria Makarov