Ambassador information

NMS Ambassador Information:

Who is a NMS Ambassador?

  • A NMS Ambassador is a student who is eager to help the community through service projects, meet and greet new students and families to the area, and aims to seek personal and intellectual growth.

Responsibilities and expectations

  • Lead school tours
  • Mentor new students
  • Facilitate Open House
  • Participate in elementary school visits
  • Maintain good grades
  • Abide by the NMS Student Code of Conduct
  • Attend monthly meetings

When can I apply?

  • Applications are being accepted now through December 14th at 3:10pm. Absolutely no applications and teacher recommendations will be accepted after that time. Student applications and two teacher recommendations can be found in the NMS main office.

Selection Process

  • Student written applications and two teacher recommendations are due no later than December 14th at 3:10 PM. After a blind screening of applications, select students will then partake in an interview with Tuscaloosa community leaders on January 17th or 18th. From there, final selections will be announced on January 25th.

Still need more information?

  • For further questions and inquires, contact Ms. Emily Cerrina ( or Mrs. Carolyn Lowery (