The TCS Graduate

  • The TCS Graduate



    By defining what abilities impact student success, Tuscaloosa City Schools is preparing students to be competitive in a global economy. Pre-k to high school graduate and beyond, the vision is supported every step of the way.


    The TCS Graduate profile was developed with the idea that there are six key competencies that every student needs before graduating high school.

  • Communicator

    Communication requires the creation of a common understanding of ideas, desires and observations through reading, writing and speaking effectively

  • Global Citizen

    Identifies with being part of an emerging world community and whose actions contribute to building this community’s values and practices.

  • Innovator

    Identifies issues that are unique and then seeks to find the best possible way to a solution

  • Leader

    Willingly collaborates and embraces new ideas and technologies, leads by example, motivates others

  • Technologically Advanced

    Has the knowledge to effectively use technology in multiple areas, understands when additional information is needed and effectively uses technology to research

  • Work Ready

    Has the aptitude and skill set to persist and achieve academic and career goals

Understanding the Profile